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Maintenance knowledge colloid
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1, a colloid mill high precision machinery, wire-speed up to 20m / sec, and the minimum disc space. Replace the rear access must be corrected with a dial indicator housing and spindle concentricity error of 0.05mm.
2, repair the machine, in the open, replace the adjustment process, not permissible iron Chung a direct hit. Application of Wooden hammer gently tapping block or pad to avoid damaging the components.
3, the machine seals: divided into static and dynamic seals. Static sealed with rubber O-rings, mechanical dynamic seal with hard seal combined. Find hard sealing surface scratches should be immediately cast on a flat glass plate or grinding repair, the grind of ≥200 # silicon carbide abrasive paste better. If the seal is broken or severely cracked replace it immediately.
4, using a colloid mill process should be based on the processing of materials, as appropriate, carry out regular maintenance.
5. For motor maintenance, please refer the motor manual.
6, Spares absolute majority are GB, Bureau of the Ministry of standard parts, to all over the country were purchased.
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