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Tubular Sterilizer Sterilizer milk bar casing tube sterilizing machine is ideal for thorough sterilization UHT liquid handling equipment, and it is applied to the tube heat exchanger for indirect heating products, its technical performance and imports of
Tube Sterilizer
A tubular sterilization machine features:
1, less coke, a longer production time;
2, the heat transfer coefficient is high: tube heat exchangers, heat transfer materials and media are working in a turbulent state, high heat transfer efficiency, reduce fouling, an increase of sterilization machine continuous working time. Fully comparable with the imported equipment;
3, high thermal efficiency: After heating the material, more than 90% of the heat energy can be recovered;
4, product with particles, suitable for handling high-viscosity material;
5, the inner tube without any contact point, no health corners, the product does not adhere to the inner tube and the bellows during sterilization high turbulence is formed, a self-cleaning effect in the material flow process, it is difficult to form an inner tube fouling and contamination;
6, compact, good sterilization effect, easy operation, wide adaptation.
Second, the tubular sterilization machine Technical parameters: