Use and maintenance pumps
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1, before the first boot usually connect the mechanical seal cooling water, and then cut off the first shutdown cooling water. Cooling water use tap water. Cooling water pressure ≦ 0.2Mpa. Material must enter the working chamber before boot, and to ensure that the case not under blanking operation so as not to idle the mechanical seal (mechanical seal) due to high temperature burn or affect the service life. Cooling water inlet fitting with an inner diameter hose size? 5mm skin tube.
2, confirmed mechanical seal cooling water is turned on, the motor starts, repeatedly asked the motor rotation should be consistent with the operation of the spindle before turning mark work, non-reversed!
3, when using the machine, or liquid material must be continuously fed to maintain a certain amount in the container. Avoid empty machine running, so as not to produce high-temperature materials in the working curing or crystallization damage to the equipment, non-slip!
4, usually only the weight of the devices into the pipeline TRL1 by high material feed must be continuously fed to keep the material has good mobility. And when poor material flow, viscosity ≧ 4000CP when SRH piping type equipment imported should be equipped with a pump, pumped into the pressure 0.3Mpa. select the pump should colloid pump (rotor pump cam) and the like, flow range of the flow rate of the selected line emulsifying machine match. (Should be greater than the minimum flow rate value is less than the maximum flow rate)
5, non-metallic chips or hard difficulty crushed debris into the working chamber of the body, in order to avoid devastating damage to the work of the stator, rotor and equipment.
6, the device during operation in the event of abnormal noise or other malfunction occurs, should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting and then be running. After the shutdown should be in the working chamber and the stator and rotor wash.
7. The process of working chambers can reprovision the insulation layer, the material used for cooling or heating, connected to the cooling fluid or thermal oil at boot time. Interlayer insulation work pressure ≤0.2Mpa, with a temperature in the processing requirements (such as asphalt) must be heated or cooled to normal operating temperature, disk drive, boot.
8, when the device is used in the flammable and explosive work environment, you must choose the appropriate level of explosion-proof motor.
9, after the production is completed, the device must be clean and pure, so while maintaining constant, the efficiency of the rotor can play a role to protect the machine seal. If necessary, the design and installation near the periphery of a cleaning cycle apparatus.
10, according to media users are using, import and export filters must be cleaned regularly to avoid feed rate reduction affect production efficiency. Material into the working chamber must be fluid, not allowed to have dry powder, clumps of material directly into the machine, otherwise it will cause damage to the device and boring machine.
11, regularly check the stator and rotor, found excessive wear, should be replaced to ensure the appropriate parts dispersion, emulsification effect.
12, operation of the liquid found in the shaft leakage, the machine must be sealed in a pressure adjustment after the shutdown. (Attached at the back: as detailed instructions for use when the mechanical seal)
13, prior to use homogeneous emulsion pump to work out corresponding safety production rules, ensure the safety of operating personnel and equipment. In the electrical control system user to set up the security system, and there is a good and reliable electrical motors grounding device.
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